Carole, Zoe and Helen all offer a friendly welcome to the world of Sugar
Celebrations, it is an exciting beginning for so many of our students and sound
helpful advice is available to everyone.

Sugar Celebrations has developed and improved so much over the last two
years, it has been re-fitted, and now holds enough stock to satisfy almost
everyone. If you are travelling a long way it would be worth giving us a call a
couple of weeks in advance and we can make sure that we have everything
you may have asked for, if it no longer available we could call back and let you

The coach trips and group bookings are still very popular so allow plenty of
time if you are part of a group that would like a demonstration and lunch, our
times are limited.

The biggest surprise for us this year is the trend of people preferring private
tuition rather than joining our classes. While learning exactly what they have
chosen to learn, the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests is

Interestingly this year we have had many visitors coming into the shop from
abroad to pick up items required by some of the students who have come for
private tuition in the past. We have been told that we are referred to as THE
shop to visit. These items of stock are being taken back to many countries
including Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand amongst others – we are
proud to welcome them to our shop and find out many details about their
families, countries and festivals.

We look forward to another good year, our cakes are once again in demand,
the flavours and decorations get more complicated as the fashions change, so
do we. Always keeping pace with the changes and adapting them to suit
different price brackets.

Have a happy and healthy 2020 everyone from all of us.